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Member of Parliament for Avalon.

Dear Friends 

I am running for re-election based on my record of putting constituents first and working hard for the people of Avalon in Ottawa. I have always put the concerns of constituents ahead of party politics.

Elections give the people a direct say in who represents them. The outcome of this election will be a minority government. This means no one political party will have enough MPs to govern.  In a minority government an Independent MP holds the Balance of Power!

Politics is dominated by strict partisan discipline that gives all the power to the leaders, which means MPs are required to vote as directed by their leader.

Newfoundland & Labrador will be in a unique position after this election with an Independent MP, a person who will actually get what the Province deserves from the Federal Government.

I have proven that an Independent MP can make a difference in Ottawa by challenging Government and party lines through questions, debates and votes in the House of Commons.

I am proud of my accomplishments in Ottawa, particularly Zachary’s Bill.  I am the only MP from this province to get a private member's bill through Parliament and, in particular, through a minority Parliament, proving I can find support from all parties and work with colleagues on all sides of the House.

Independent MPs have the same resources, staff and ability to represent constituents as all other Members of Parliament. They cannot be forced by any leader to put a party's best interest ahead of the interests of their constituents.

I have worked hard as your Member of Parliament.  My dedicated staff and I have assisted thousands of constituents, community groups, businesses and organizations deal with issues of vital personal and local concern.

I promise to continue putting the concerns of the voters of Avalon first and foremost.

I respectfully ask you for your vote on October 19th.